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Nov 1, 2014-Chna-Satellite positioning precision will be affected by many factors, have natural also someone to, many clients without understanding the principle of GPS tracking, found their own vehicle and platform of the actual situation of different, all is very urgent, if GPS terminal equipment such as gm01 is not have problem, we introduce the following eliminate GPS tracking error of the method. - gm02

1.Don't blindly accepted navigator startup time, again good satellite module didn't get good satellite signals cannot be accurate location and start fast terminal does not receive signal stability, stable to prove everything.

2. As far as possible parked the car in the empty place, our owners don't choose tall buildings in densely populated when positioning terminal start or basement blind area of the satellite signal such as start, star in the search stage gives good satellite terminal range for accurate positioning.

3. In use process, if have frequent lost star or signal drift phenomenon, can give the receiving terminal equipped with an external antenna, the satellite signal reception to get better, we in the use of GPS navigation directions for yourself, as much as possible to avoid the effects of human factors on the receiving terminal itself, to give to a great extent the use of GPS, a good environment, make it reflect the advantage of the navigation and positioning.

Above is for the caboose star will teach you how to eliminate error of GPS tracker��s knowledge introduction, to remind the owner of the GPS positioning errors is the case there are a lot of, can appear in error when their first ruled out.

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